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Show Reviews

This artist is awesome live!

On this page I'll include reviews of the shows by this artist, I'll also include reviews that others send me.

Here are a few quotes that appeared in newspapers and stuff:

Well, this is the latest, guys - a RAVE review of Jordan's Sept. 9th performance at the Imperial Theatre! Fantastic! Wow!!! Awesome! I loved it, can't stop thinking about it. He got a standing ovation, and everyone just kept cheering and clapping wanting him to come back out again. Me, Mindy (I even went backstage and got an autograph. He is sooo handsome and sooo nice.)

Okay, I'm copying now from the review in Saint John Times Globe, by a reporter named Richard Kidd. I'm not writing down everything because it's too long and I'm not a great typer.


Rothesay-born singer=songwriter Jordan Zed performs to a sold-out house at the Imperial Theatre on Saturday Night.

"Jordan Zed doesn't disappoint, delivering his emotional songs with a warm, rich voice."

"Far-ranging musical talents...Zed has an exceptional voice, warm and rich in the lower register, capable of belting out a strong lead line when required, rising to falsetto flights of fancy, and also accomplished at performing flexible Stevie Wonder/Aaron Neville type vocal spaghetti (whatever that is, but it sounds cool) on occasion... Zed's songs are clearly designed to attract radio play..."

And man, he can DANCE! Cool moves. This is me, Mindy. Oh, if you missed the show, sad for you. Oh, yeah, the band was great too, and so were all the colored, moving lights. There were camera people there, too, big booms going over everyone's head and they said it's going to be on TV -Channel 10 where I live, Oct. 8th and 9th.
Anyone else want to talk about the show? I'll post your review here.

Earlier quotes:

"This is sort of like winning an Oscar while you're still in film school. (Grand prize in the John Lennon Scholarship Competition)... Bob Mersereau.. 'The New Brunswick Reader, Telegraph Journal'.
(The Prize was $10,000. Wow! Mindy!)

In an article by Paula White in 'This Week', she asks him where he finds the words to his songs: "That's easy," he says. "They come from the heart..."

"His music is about life and love..."
Erin Dwyer, Staff Writer, 'Saint John Times Globe'

And it's fabulous... Me, Mindy!